2020: A brand new decade, A brand new Challenge

A new challenge requires new choices.
Make the right ones and reduce cost, improve
duty of care and enhance traveller wellbeing.


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  • Travellers ·

It’s time serviced accommodation got personal

Travellers want and expect a more personal experience, and the right serviced accommodation can certainly meet this need. But individually tailored options can do more than boost satisfaction and wellbeing, they can also deliver cost savings.
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  • Research ·

Travel Trends 2020: is the long-stay market keeping up?

A recent survey by Travelport found that better value, a seamless booking experience and smart technology were increasingly important for travellers in 2020. We look at how the serviced accommodation sector stacks up on each front and the new innovation that will revolutionise old processes.
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  • Direct Booking ·

Is the tide turning towards direct booking?

Online travel agents are drawing attention, but is it the case that the tide is turning towards direct booking? While the concept presents a conundrum, is there enough momentum behind it to cause a shift in buying habits?
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