Alternative accommodation sits on the cusp of major change

For years, the supply of serviced accommodation and short-term rentals for corporate travel and relocation has been steadily growing. Its flexibility, affordability and variety have all contributed to an exponential boom in demand. But the sectors have long suffered too from a lack of clarity, transparency and straightforwardness – all which have held it back from reaching its full potential.

At mysa we’re confident that’s all about to change.

A combination of recent global events, changing corporate budgets, and traveller concerns have contributed to a heightened awareness of cost, convenience, and compliance. Focus on these elements is only set to grow, placing brand new pressures on operators, corporate buyers and their management companies to integrate more professionalism and efficiency into their alternative accommodation supply chain.

At mysa, we believe our innovative technology, coupled with our expertise, can help put business travel and relocation at the forefront of this major change. By facilitating transactions between the highest quality operators and the purchaser, unnecessary additional costs are removed.

Our unique platform and services make it possible to:

  • Take control of alternative accommodation programmes with the same ease as other services and products – no complex, entangled supply chains insight.
  • Develop tailored multi-location programmes. Take advantage of our in-depth auditing process to pre-qualify properties available to bookers, satisfying all your concerns around duty of care.
  • Benefit from negotiating rates directly with operators with potential cost savings of up to 20%.
  • Exceed traveller expectations with a seamless booking process that delivers in-depth information on each property and high-resolution imagery to ensure each trip meets a traveller’s needs.

Whether you’re an operator looking to set yourself apart from the competition or a buyer of accommodation looking to leverage better control of your alternative accommodation and reduce costs, we can help.

To learn more about our pioneering technology and how we can help, contact us here today.

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