Easy Does It – A Step In The Right Direction

If you are anything like me, then words like “safety and security” and “duty of care” will send shudders of apprehension through you! With the introduction of ISO 31030 in September 2021, the focus on this subject has only intensified, but maybe we don’t need to fear these changes. Maybe we need to embrace it as a positive, something which will further raise the profile of serviced accommodation for business stays.

I found it warming how our sector pulled together during the pandemic, how quickly operators adapted to change by implementing new cleaning policies and check in processes to ensure guests could continue to arrive safely. A silver lining of those dark days was the bright spotlight on the benefits of serviced accommodation, increasing the awareness and popularity of the sector with travellers. In addition to this, serviced accommodation is increasingly the first choice for Millennial and GenZ travellers, which means it is imperative that our sector continues to stand tall.

So, what on earth is ISO 31030? In a nutshell, it’s a benchmark directing corporate buyers to ensure all suppliers of travel services, including accommodation, meet adequate safety and security standards. This is not a tick box exercise; it requires buyers to provide evidence of comprehensive due diligence. Coupled with business travellers becoming increasingly astute about the accommodation they stay in, expectation on operators to demonstrate the highest health, safety and security standards will only increase.

Don’t let your eyes glaze over! There is a quick win for professional operators here (and I do mean quick!). I think it is true to say every operator of accommodation hates an inspection. They are time consuming, obtrusive, and inconvenient especially when your priority is caring for your guests – but, in a world of digitalisation, there is a smarter way, at a time that is convenient to you and with added bonus, a minimal carbon footprint!

With sustainability being equally high on the list of buyer priorities, a digital process will provide you with a “green” tick to boot. The bonus, it’s not only carbon minimal (as you will complete it whilst being at the building anyway), but there is currently no cost for myo operators!

Gone are the days of ticking a box to say you have a smoke alarm and a fire blanket – moving forward you will need to prove it. The digital ‘inspection’ mysaSure enables you to demonstrate procedures and preventative measures you have in place to keep guests safe and secure without an inspector even getting out of bed (let alone needing to take up one of your beds for the night!) In addition, it will also guide you through any improvements you may be required to undertake – although I’m confident you have all of that in hand anyway! Then all you need to do is display your certification for all to see.

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