Our Why

Putting our heart into empowering partners to create a safer stay for employees and guests.

mysa was created with a commitment to help you take care of your people, help you ensure they stay safer, and help you keep them happy and productive. 

Today, work and life are intertwined, so it’s not where they stay, but how they stay. It’s WHY this mindset underpins everything we do.

Our How

Our HOWs drive our roadmap of principles. It’s the path we follow so we can bring value to our partners and bring our WHY to life.

Our What

Our WHATs are our enablers and the services we offer. We are forever enriching our WHATs, but our WHY and HOWs remain consistent.

Our History

In 2018, our founder Gary Hurst began his mission to remove the complexities of booking and managing serviced accommodation. With over a decade of industry experience, he wanted mysa to be the force for positive change, underpinned by authenticity, collaboration and value.

That mindset has helped deliver industry-first innovation with its principles firmly built around transparency. It fulfils the promise of reliability, connection and empowerment.

Developed from the ground up, using highly-engineered formulations, our technology is designed to simplify booking and management for buyers and operators alike, to elevate distribution and deliver consumable data. It is delivered with speed and simplicity together with our knowledge and supply chain capabilities to help businesses achieve their goals.

By creating evidence-based verification, we can celebrate and genuinely differentiate professional operators who put safety, service, quality and value first to help develop strong, responsible direct relationships.

The future of accommodation is now. mysa can help you take on all challenges and accelerate transformation by unlocking the power of people and technology.

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