mysa’s founder Gary Hurst shortlisted for prestigious innovation award

Founder and CEO, Gary Hurst, has been short-listed for The Business Travel Magazine People’s Award for the Innovation Category. Following the announcement recently, Gary had this to say

I am honoured and thrilled to be a Innovation Category finalist for The Business Travel Magazine People Awards.

This really is the culmination of five years testing my wellbeing and mental strength! There have been some really tough times but one positive message I would like to relay to everyone is…it’s never too late, you’re never too old! I was in the upper side of my 40’s when I threw everything and the kitchen sink into this challenge – it felt like I was finally scratching that itch. If that inspires just one person to grab their dream, truly I’ll be delighted.

I have received the support of so many amazing people in one way or another. I’ve learnt to reach out and take advise from those who are far smarter than I am. I have been surrounded by technology geniuses who have made the vision happen. A vision of transparency, efficiency and enablement.

I think as a team, we have brought the procurement, booking and management of serviced accommodation into the 21st century.

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