We help build tailor-made
accommodation programmes
with safety at its heart

Our crystal clear focus is positioning your
traveller’s wellbeing at the centre of your
serviced accommodation vendor and
programme management platform.

How mysa helps empower you

Transparent, Direct Rates with Benchmarking

Safety, Security & Legality Verification

Direct Vendor Management

100% Online Booking

Travel & Relocation Management Company API Integration

Data Management with Integration

Introducing myo

Traveller safety, cost control and transparency form the core of myo. Built to provide programme flexibility through cutting-edge modular applications, myo simplifies everything from procurement, booking and management to data and integration.  

We help you build a direct programme to secure the best rates and ensure the safety and security of your people is at the heart of your decision making. Empower your bookers through online booking and manage your data seamlessly.

Safety & Security

mysaSure is an environmentally friendly, evidence-based digital property verification to support due diligence.


myo delivers 100% online booking with intuitive programme booking management.


myo produces live and deep data for suppliers, buyers and the wider industry.


axis by myo enables real-time, direct vendor procurement with the support of price benchmarking.


myo comes with advanced APIs to support travel and relocation management company integrations.


myo manages automated invoice reconciliation, multiple internal programmes and approval processes.

Technology with a conscience

With your duty of care responsibilities and traveller wellbeing front of mind, myo is the heart of the perfect vendor management process. Whether it be safety and security, or corporate social responsibilities, myo provides transparency and clarity to help guide your decision making.

myo for everyone

Whether you are a corporate buyer, booker, traveller or a property operator, myo is intuitive for everyone.  

User experience defines simplicity, so myo is designed to empower all parties through ownership, knowledge, intelligence and transparency. 

Our partnership

We are truly committed to ensuring you have the perfect solution for your company. With myo comes our knowledge and expertise. We recognise no two companies are the same, which is why myo is designed with individual customisation for each and every bespoke programme. 

It’s simple to get started

Friendly chat - get to know us better and meet myo!

Discovery - align our expertise with your requirements

Partnership - working together to deliver a bespoke solution

Your journey starts here

Whether you’re a corporate buyer, travel/relocation management company or accommodation provider and you would like to know more about how myo can support your business, we’d love to chat.

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