How it started

In our modern world, health & safety, wellbeing, personalisation and transparency are top of mind for travelling or relocating employees. Not only are employees more mindful in the way they travel, but they want accommodation with all the comfort, locality and freedom associated with home, away from home.

Serviced Accommodation is the answer, but only if it is easy to access, book and of the highest standards. In a world of modern technology, greater duty of care and streamlined efficiencies, we saw a considerable gap between the accepted and the possible. With innovation comes transparency, visibility, care and cost saving. 

Our vision was to create it and our mission to deliver it.


Why mysa matters...

We wanted to simplify the end-to-end experience for buyers, operators and most importantly the guest. We worked with key stakeholders and listened. Our transparent ecosystem was built by technicians but designed by collaboration.

Simple and straightforward

We created a platform designed to make serviced accommodation simple to manage for buyers and operators alike. To manage distribution and provide efficient booking.

Our support and expertise helps corporate partners develop safe, cost effective but value added bespoke programmes giving travellers the same level of confidence and control they enjoy when booking hotels or flights. 

Our property partners really differentiate on quality and value, developing strong, responsible direct relationships with corporations and guests.

Our mission

To inspire conscious change, to simplify what’s perceived as complex and create a fair, responsible and transparent management ecosystem for everyone.

Our partnerships

Collaborative Community

working together to nurture a trusted network

Deeper Due Diligence

driven by wellness and duty of care

Unmatched Quality

creating the new benchmark

Simplified Processes

responsive technology providing end-to-end management services

Sustainable and Responsible

respecting everyone and everything around us

Full Transparency

of cost and product

Greater Control

direct access and visability for everyone to everyone

Direct and Efficient

online, live and automated

Your journey starts here

Whether you’re a corporate buyer or accommodation owner and you would like to find out more, we’d love to chat.

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