The Smarter Way To Manage Your Serviced Accommodation Programme

Our purpose is to provide a smart and seamless way for businesses
to book directly sourced serviced accommodation without compromise to safety or cost.

Smarter Future

MYSA supports you with expertise and technology to source, procure,
book and manage your programme directly with property operators.

Intelligent Technologies + Serviced Accommodation = Smarter Experience

Smarter Experience

Employee wellbeing - at the heart of your serviced accommodation programme.

Smarter Booking

Book & manage serviced accommodation seamlessly.

MY Oxygen is the first online serviced accommodation platform to deliver directly
procured operators, a positive employee experience, policy compliance and cost control.

No more compromise, just Smarter!

Smarter By Design

Experience a fully automated process, supported by the
MYSA team every step of the way.

Together, we'll define your needs - key locations, budgets and property requirements.
You enjoy peace of mind that due diligence is undertaken before any property is added to your
bespoke booking and management platform.

Powered by cutting-edge technology,
sourcing and booking has never been this Smart.

Facilitating the operator procurement process through a technology-driven platform.

Making booking, programme management
and communication simple.

Developed to solve the challenges of corporate decision-makers to deliver Smarter Benefits.

Smarter Benefits

Directly connecting your programme delivers smarter:

Cost Savings

Directly negotiated rates reduce the nightly cost by up to 20 per cent.

Duty of Care

Control of the evaluation process removes risk and compromise.

Traveller Wellbeing

Comprehensive property and area intelligence combined with a seamless, positive booking experience drives traveller satisfaction.


Instant booking and communication with operators create an efficient way for a booker and travellers to manage specific requirements, from amending the booking dates to requesting an early check-in.

Deliverable, uncompromised benefits through an intelligent, Smarter Together.

Smarter Together

Until now, the world of serviced accommodation has been a struggle between cost control and compliance for the employer, and complex booking processes and minimal choice for the employee.

Reduced costs, duty of care and traveller wellbeing – something has
to compromise – not anymore!

Created by frustrated corporate accommodation procurement specialists and technology experts, MYSA is on a mission to revolutionise the way that serviced accommodation programmes work.

Smarter Insight