A brand new decade, a brand new challenge

A new decade, a new challenge: green virus spores surround an image of 2020

A new decade has brought an extraordinary new challenge. It’s also brought a new, safer and more cost-effective way of procuring serviced accommodation.

Sourcing suitable serviced accommodation is a frustrating experience for corporates. In the most challenging of times any of us have experienced, the safety of travellers is our absolute priority. The economic challenges the world over also puts pressure on corporates to reduce travel and accommodation costs. At MYSA, not only have we simplified the end-to-end process to focus on traveller wellbeing, duty of care and reduce cost, we’ve revolutionised the process too.

Using the latest innovative technology, MY Source, buyers can now control the procurement process in a similar way to sourcing other services and products. MY Source places the corporate and the traveller at its centre to facilitate quality decision making.

MY Source makes it easy to develop a multi-location programme. Decision makers can pre-qualify properties to ease duty of care concerns, exceed traveller expectations and deliver negotiated, direct rates with potential cost savings of up to 20 per cent.

At the heart of, and bringing your programme to life, is MY Oxygen – a booking, management and communication platform that puts the traveller first. The platform uses intuitive navigation, provides high-quality, rich content and personalised pre-booking information enabling travellers to secure accommodation that matches their individual needs. In addition, powerful tools simplify programme management, allow integration into existing technology and deliver enhanced communication.

Contact us to learn how MY Source and MY Oxygen empower you to develop and manage a bespoke programme for your company.


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